Welcome to Summit Christian Academy


Welcome to Summit Christian Academy!

Summit is a K-12 private, non-denominational, Christian school located in Livingston, Montana. We are a member of the accredited Association of Classical Christian Schools and dedicated to giving our students the best Christian-based, Classical education available, taught by believers who are serious about educating kids. We are currently in our 5th year of operation and God has blessed Summit during every step of this journey.

We DO NOT subscribe to the government-mandated, Common Core Curriculum. At Summit Christian Academy, the only common core we believe in is the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We teach children HOW to think, not what to think. That makes us very different from many schools. We’re dedicated to serving and glorifying God by offering the highest quality education in key areas like Math, Science, English, History, Logic, Art, Latin, Humanities and Apologetics while stressing the development of sound Christian character.


  Is a high-powered Classical Christian education expensive?
No. Financial Aid and Scholarships are available and we work with every family’s budget to make it affordable for them.

 This is a high caliber type of education with small class sizes, taught with love and compassion and sprinkled with God’s  amazing grace. We believe this education is a better one.

 Is  your child worth it?

  Call us at (406) 823-9155 or email at summitacademymt@gmail.com for more information. If you’d like to visit us, we’re located at #225 South B St., Livingston, Montana.

Here are some helpful links to our registration/re-registration applications, policies, forms, and school calendar. We will continue to update our links as often as possible.

2016-17 School Calender

Student Application – Full Time Student

Student ReRegistration Form 2016-17

Supply List  (all grades)

Parent/Student Handbook (link may not work, we are currently updating the handbook)

Summit News

An Interview With Our New Teacher Katie Flikkema:

Tell us about yourself: (Where you grew up, about your family, some of your favorite things in life.)

Hello Summit Newsletter readers! Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself to all of you. I’m an Iowa girl, born and raised in the state capitol, Des Moines. My parents are wonderful people who instilled in me the value of life and faith. At the age of 10 I started attending a private Christian school, which was one the best decisions my parents ever made for me. My years at Des Moines Christian School were such a positive experience that solidified my faith and Christian friendships I still maintain today. After high school I attended Bible College in Waxahachie, TX. I majored in Theology during my time there, and also met my husband, Cole’s impression of me upon our first meeting. I was picking up my mail in the office with a friend and telling about a terrible date and apparently I must have sounded like a very picky princess. After I left the office, Cole turned to his co-worker and said, “Pity the man that marries that girl.” 15 months later…. Hehehe. I might be picky, but Cole fit the bill perfectly. He is the prince I was looking for, and has been a rock for me and a hero to me in so many ways. We were married in July 2012. In 2014 We decided to move to the great state of Montana, where he had grown up. I finished my degree in Political Science at MSU. Cole is employed at Printing for Less. All of a sudden 2.5 years have passed and here we are! In that time, we’ve also welcomed Warren to our family, the world’s cutest and sweetest 5-month-old. Life has always been pretty good, but now with Warren it’s like I’m seeing life in color.

Tell us about your spiritual journey:

“If the Lord fails me this time, it will be the first time.” George Mueller

This quote defines my relationship with God. Having been raised in the faith, there’s not a time in my memory in which I didn’t know the Gospel or the truth of God’s love, There have been times of hardened doubt, cold distance, rebellion, and desperate sorrow in my walk with the Lord. And yet, I look back and see His hand on my life in every season. His grace has saved my broken heart, saved my mind, saved my family and my marriage, saved my life! In the midst of very difficult trial and a very long healing journey thereafter, my faith was confirmed, I knew then that I wasn’t just a church-goer, I was a Christian, a Christ follower.

Why do you believe education is so important?

For Christians, education is of utmost importance so that we can fulfill the mandate, “Always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have…” (1 Peter 3:15). We must be able to engage with the world if we are to share hope with it! We must understand how to read and think well, how to judiciously interpret God’s Word in its true meaning, how to communicate effectively, and how to exhibit that “the heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim his handiwork!” (Ps 19). Christians have direct access to the Father and hold the seed of truth in our hearts that the Bible is God’s Word to us. We know the beginning of the story at Creation and the end of the story at the New Jerusalem. We have good news to share! I believe that education and discipleship are the absolute best ways we can empower young people to accomplish whatever calling God has placed on their lives.

Why did you decide to become a teacher at Summit?

Last year at youth I breezed into the kitchen while Chris Flook was sharing a prayer request for new teachers at SCA. Everything seemed to fall into place from there! I’m here and I’m SO excited. By the end of the semester, I am confident I will have learned as much from the students as they have from me. As far as “Why Summit?” I can safely say that if education is my calling, it is most certainly as a Christian school educator. It perfectly complements my studies in theology, and I can’t imagine working in an education position where I couldn’t share my faith and convictions.

What is your life mission?

For now my mission in life is to serve God and my family with my whole heart, to train up my son to be a man of God and of kindness, and to speak truth wherever and whenever I can.

Woman’s Day.

Mrs. Flikkema also wrote a short letter with her thoughts about woman’s day, here it is.

Today is International Women’s Day, and the organizers of the Women’s March
in Washington (Planned Parenthood, the DNC, George Soros and the like) have
declared today to be “A Day Without Women” encouraging women to strike for
the day and shop only at women and minority-owned businesses. Some school
districts across the country have cancelled school for the day in
anticipation of teachers not showing up.

I’ll be at school today. It’s my pleasure to be at school today.

Just imagine what a day without women would look like at Planned
Parenthood.. Nobody dies.

I love SCA and all your kiddies! Have a great day!


Prayer Needs!

  1. For a desperately needed new school facility.
  2. For the Education Secretary to be a blessing to private schools.
  3. For wisdom as we seek to provide a quality education and for our incredible teachers, Angie, Bob, Katie Duane.
  4. For the school board to keep trusting in God’s provisions as we wait for grants we applied for and facility.
  5. For our upcoming Murder Mystery Dinner Theater fundraiser to be a success.